Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mario Balotelli international footballer

Mario Balotelli Barwuah is an Italian footballer who plays as a striker and was born in Palermo, Italy on August 12, 1990 is a Manchester City player and the Italian national team. He began his football career at Lummezane and only played twice before failed in FC Barcelona, ​​Internazionale and then he joined in 2007. Balotelli was taken by Mancini to the first team coach of the club but when he left Inter with Jose Mourinho arguing that a new coach and the club was suspended in January 2009. Balotelli also received harsh criticism from Inter fans because he's been wearing AC Milan in the Italian TV show and this led to his career at Inter slightly polluted. Manchini the manager of Manchester City hesitate to Balotelli in Inter career opportunity at one English club. Arsenal joined Manchester City in August 2010. He got a chance to the Italian national team on August 10, 2010 in a friendly against Ivory Coast. Balotelli is known as speed, technical ability and strong shot, but was criticized because it is like to sulk. He is often called the "Super Mario" and can play anywhere. Balotelli is also known as dead-ball specialist player and is regarded as a promising young striker. About his personality. Balotelli is one of the players are humorous. He often demonstrated outside the field antics. A few days after joining Manchester City, he had a car accident and he was carrying cash amounting to £ 5000. Balotelli is also the target of tabloid gossip and never reported to give money to bums on the streets of Manchester for £ 1000, but what was reported was not true. In September 2011 reported that Balotelli was using iPad on the bench during a game Italy against the Faroe Islands but was denied. Balotelli has also launched a shirt when scored against Manchester United. He also had violated the curfew 48 hours before the match Manchester City against Chelsea in December 2011. In the reported month, Balotelli visited the local church and donated £ 200 and then visiting a pub in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, where he bought £ 1000 round. Donations Balotelli was later confirmed by a priest of the church. [read more]